Qui sommes-nous ?

What is LULÌSHOP Original Mediterranean Products?
LULÌSHOP is a marketplace with a selection of craftsmen, creators and artists from Mediterranean, enabling them to have their own online sales space.

Our engagement ?
Put forward a selection of artisans, creators and artists who propose quality products, original and authentic.
Allow you to buy a product directly from Corsican artisans, creators and artists and thereby support them.
To allow artisans, creators and artists to have their online shop: a tool for marketing their beautiful products via digital.

What do we believe in? What is our fight?
Craftsmanship, creation and know-how for timeless products.
Give power to artisans, creators and artists.
Creating economic value that carries social value.
Passion for matter, love of beautiful things, respect for the work of the hand.
The emphasis of the enthusiasts who hide behind the products.
Put digital on the service of reality.

But who are 'us'?
Laura & Laura-Maria (aka Lulina), two childhood friends who grew up in the middle of the Corsican mountains before rolling their bumps on foreign lands (England for the first, Italy for the second ).
In 2015, return to the fold and roadtrip in search of craftsmen, creators and artists in order to found LULÌSHOP Original Mediterranean Products.
Small by size but large by will, we are happy to be able today to put forward these people with talent and know-how without limits!
Today the 'we' is a trio, since Guillaume, our technical manager has joined the adventure. A complementary and united team that works daily from Corsica to promote crafts and island creation beyond our borders.

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